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Making Bitcoin work for everyone.

About us

Since 2017, RootstockLabs has been at the forefront of building on Bitcoin. To this day, we continue to lead the way.

Our global team of contributors are focused on:

  • Giving developers the tools to build on Bitcoin
  • Supporting the growth of the Rootstock ecosystem
  • Expanding the frontiers of decentralized technology
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We pioneered building on Bitcoin

At RootstockLabs, we believe Bitcoin will underpin humanity’s economic future. But for this to happen, Bitcoin’s functionality must be extended and made available to all.

This is why we have been longstanding contributors to Rootstock, the largest and longest-running Bitcoin sidechain. Rootstock allows anyone to develop apps and services on top of the planet’s most secure and decentralized financial infrastructure; Bitcoin. 

Today we continue to contribute to Rootstock’s evolution by building tools and technology focused on making Bitcoin work for everyone. 

The largest and longest running Bitcoin sidechain. Highly scalable, EVM compatible and built to last with 100% uptime since launch.

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Open source tools and technology that make it faster, easier and more rewarding to build on Bitcoin with Rootstock.

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We’re making Bitcoin
work for everyone

We believe Bitcoin will play a crucial role in breaking down the current barriers to economic participation. It is the world’s most secure and decentralized financial infrastructure that enables people worldwide to exercise their economic rights more fully.

Seamless payments without punitive charges for small businesses; savings that allow people to inflation-proof and protect what they already have; remittances that allow the ninety-nine percent to move capital as easily as the one; and loans that give access to finance for grassroots economic growth. All denominated in stablecoins and available through the seamless smartphone interfaces of Web2 today, this is what we call Everyday DeFi.

Many of Rootstock’s contributors have been building on Bitcoin since the early days of the Bitcoin blockchain. From the very start they recognized its potential to solve the real-world problems experienced by citizens whose economies were failing them. But they knew building a new economy required much more than money and payments.

It was this realization that gave birth to Rootstock, the first Bitcoin Sidechain. Rootstock combines the security and store of value of Bitcoin with the programmability of Ethereum. A combination that makes Rootstock the most secure smart-contract platform on the planet. The best of both worlds. An impenetrable, uncensorable, unstoppable machine at the heart of a new economy.

RootstockLabs exists to make Bitcoin work for everyone, everywhere, all of the time. Our belief is that Rootstock will be one of the primary ways that the Bitcoin blockchain reaches civilization scale. This is why we continue to contribute to its development and why we continue to lead the way in developing new technologies that make it faster, easier and more rewarding to build on Bitcoin.

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