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Grants to build on Bitcoin

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Get funding for your next Web3 project

Created to grow and support the Rootstock ecosystem, grants are available for a wide scope of project types.

The Rootstock Strategic Grants program has been created to support the next generation of fintech builders.

Apply now if you’re planning to integrate Rootstock with your existing products or launch a new dApp in the ecosystem.

Successful applicants will also receive mentorship and marketing support from RootstockLabs to ensure your project gets the attention it deserves.

How to access a grant

Join a Hackathon

This year there will be several hackathons organized by ecosystem contributors designed to support developers, entrepreneurs and builders building on Bitcoin with Rootstock.

Hackathon entrants will gain priority access to the next wave of grant applications. Keep an eye on Rootstock’s social media for news of the next Hackathon.


Structured Program.

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Refer and earn $250*

Apply Directly

Established businesses or advanced projects can apply now directly for a grant.

Your project needs to benefit the Rootstock ecosystem to qualify for a grant.

Some reasons you may request a grant:

To integrate with Rootstock
To deploy your dApp on Rootstock
To foster ecosystem growth.
To improve the Rootstock developer experience

Apply Direct ↗︎

Refer a Bitcoin builder and earn $250*Refer a Bitcoin builder and earn $250*Refer a Bitcoin builder and earn $250*Refer a Bitcoin builder and earn $250*

About the program

The Rootstock Strategic Grants Program is designed to help the next generation of fintech founders and developers to build cutting edge financial services and products on top of Bitcoin.

We are allocating $2.5m to projects that align with our vision of a safe and equitable global financial system that enables everyone to participate and prosper.

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Our Grantees

Oku is a frontend for the Uniswap v3 protocol that aims to transform the traditional trading experience in the DeFi ecosystem. As a project initially funded by the Uniswap Foundation, Oku provides a professional and feature-rich interface for decentralized trading. With support for all existing and new pools.

OKU was awarded a grant for its work to integrate Rootstock in to its platform bringing users, liquidity and cross-chain interoperability to the network.

OKU on X

Born from a Rootstock Hackathon, Asami revolutionizes marketing with a decentralized platform that fosters peer-to-peer interactions. It uniquely bridges Web2 and Web3 by enabling anyone to incentivize and reward social media actions such as liking, sharing, or commenting with Rootstock assets.

Through its use of autonomous smart contracts, Asami creates a direct pathway for advertisers and users to engage with and compensate each other, highlighting the versatility and power of Rootstock’s blockchain technology in everyday internet use.

Asami places Rootstock at the center of a rapidly growing market of social media where monetization innovation has not kept pace with adoption.

Asami on X

NFT2ME introduces a no-code solution for launching collectable NFTs on the Rootstock blockchain with its innovative products, RSK-NFT and NFT2ME. These platforms empower individuals to create, trade, and manage NFT portfolios with just a few clicks, offering a comprehensive set of tools that cater to both seasoned collectors and new entrants in the NFT space.

  1. NFT2ME focuses on personalizing the NFT creation and ownership experience, making it straightforward for users to generate, share, and monetize unique digital assets.
  2. RSK-NFT provides a secure and scalable foundation for NFT creators and collectors, with enhanced functionality such as the ‘burn-to-mint’ and generative art features.

NFT2ME was granted funds to enhance the NFT creation experience on Rootstock, simplifying access for everyone and nurturing a dynamic creator-collector community.

NFTs2Me on X

NFTs2Me on LinkedIn

Footprint Analytics is an interactive analysis platform that consolidates on-chain data to simplify complex information into actionable insights. The platform empowers dapps and users to navigate the DeFi landscape with data-driven confidence, providing an integrated suite of tools for tracking, analyzing, and visualizing blockchain activity to inform strategies and investment decisions.

Footprint Analytics received a grant to provide robust analytics and tools, fostering a dynamic ecosystem for builders on Rootstock.

Footprint Analytics on X

Footprint Analytics on LinkedIn

SimpleFi, revolutionizes on-chain crypto payments by enabling NFC-based transactions. This platform eliminates the need for physical cards or cash, streamlining the payment process for a seamless user experience.

SimpleFi was granted funding to empower Rootstock users to leverage their crypto holdings for real-world transactions without off-ramping, bridging the gap between digital currency and everyday commerce.


Vottun provides a streamlined platform for the efficient development of blockchain applications. Its marketplace features a selection of essential tools and code for DApps, facilitating quick integration and deployment. Vottun also offers a simplified solution for launching tokens, enabling projects to initiate their cryptocurrencies with ease.

Vottun received a grant for its value-add to the ecosystem of Rootstock builders, offering solutions that simplify the development process for new DApps and tokens on Rootstock.

Vottun on LinkedIn

Wooy introduces an innovative approach to donations through its unique Proof of Donation (POD)  system, transforming each contribution into an opportunity for both donors and recipients. A POD is an exclusive, blockchain-registered digital certificate awarded as a token of appreciation for every donation. This system enhances transparency and traceability in charitable giving, ensuring donors can see the direct impact of their contributions.

Wooy was awarded a grant to place Rootstock at the forefront of redefining charitable giving.

Wooy on X

Wooy on LinkedIn


Why apply for a grant?


Why apply for a grant?

  • 1 / 3

    Nubis Bruno Founder, Asami

    Nubis Bruno
Founder, Asami

    "My experience as a grantee in the Rootstock Grants programme has been very enlightening about the way we do business in Web3. I learned a lot about that and about how these projects can be accelerated through collaboration"

  • 2 / 3

    Veronica Wong CEO & co-founder, Safe Pal

    Veronica Wong
CEO & co-founder, Safe Pal

    "Joining the Rootstock Grants program is kind of a bit a joy in the journey because the membership in the program has been very helpful, especially in providing the technical support that we need."

  • 3 / 3

    Ongun Ozdemir Sr. Venture Associate, RootstockLabs

    Ongun Ozdemir
Sr. Venture Associate, RootstockLabs

    "Innovation holds the key to the future of web3. With the Rootstock Grants Program, we aim to support Bitcoin Builders and give them everything they need to flourish."


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