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City of Buenos Aires Taps Extrimian for Decentralized Digital ID Platform Running on the Rootstock Network

City of Buenos Aires Taps Extrimian for Decentralized Digital ID Platform Running on the Rootstock Network

November 14, 2022, Buenos Aires. The City of Buenos Aires and Extrimian have enabled the Rootstock network to achieve another significant milestone with the help of QuarkID and Extrimian. The self-sovereign digital ID solution will make inroads in Buenos Aires to help citizens hold their identities off-chain.

The QuarkID vision is to establish self-sovereign identity management with the help of decentralized technology. The identity protocol empowers users and provides novel ways of using personal information. Moreover, it changes the way access to services is granted, regardless of public or private organizations.

The Buenos Aires City Government sees much merit in the QuarkID approach. The identity protocol is tailored to the community of Latin America and its growing number of entrepreneurs, developers, and experts. In addition, it has Extrimian as its technology provider to ensure accessibility and reliability

All citizens of Buenos Aires will be able to hold their identity and store personal credentials on their own devices. Taking personal data off-chain is essential in controlling this sensitive information and determining who can access it.

All credentials are issued by public and private organizations. The incentive for these organizations is to reduce costs, improve security, and offer a better user experience. As such, the user is empowered, and the organization achieves critical goals.

“We are very happy to be able to share the advances of QuarkID, the self-sovereign digital identity protocol that we co-created in community and that puts people at the center, giving them back control of their information, with a security anchor through blockchain. The protocol is going to start using the Starknet and Rootstock networks. This allows QuarkID to guarantee users more security and reliability, since interactions will be processed on both networks simultaneously. We believe that what is important is that QuarkID works as a public infrastructure, so that anyone can build value, and to transform and simplify how the State and society relate, while at the same time empowering people”, expressed Diego Fernández, Secretary of Innovation and Digital Transformation, Buenos Aires City Government.

All communication for QuarkID occurs via peer-to-peer infrastructure. No intermediaries are necessary to verify data integrity. That also means no one can track interactions between parties, establishing a trustless environment.

With the help of blockchain technology and cryptography, credentials are tamper-proof and cannot be stolen. Moreover, these technologies enable users to share credentials with whomever they see fit.

While the QuarkID solution is anchored in Rootstock, it is a multichain solution. That enables it to work across Starknet, Ethereum, and Polygon, including most wallets built for these popular ecosystems.

QuarkID will go through the alpha launch in December 2022, with a testnet following in January. The official mainnet release is slated for February 2023.

About QuarkID

QuarkID enables new ways of using our personal information and redefines the access to services provided by all kinds of organizations, whether public or private. It is decentralized, public, non-permissioned, open, expandable, and able to interoperate with similar protocols.

About RootstockLabs:

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