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The first Argentinian to participate in the Crypto Summit 2023 Conference in Zurich

The first Argentinian to participate in the Crypto Summit 2023 Conference in Zurich

The first Argentinian to participate in the Crypto Summit 2023 Conference in Zurich. The co-founder of RootstockLabs shared on 16 January two talks at one of the most important conferences in the crypto industry.

Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar, Co-Founder of RootstockLabs, a pioneer in Argentina in the development of blockchain technologies that launched the Rootstock smart contract network, and Rootstock Infrastructure Framework (RIF) participated on Monday 16 January in two panel discussions at Europe’s longest running cryptocurrency conference, Crypto Summit 2023 which took place this week across both Zurich and Davos alongside this year’s World Economic Forum.

It is the first time that an Argentinean has participated in this globally recognized conference in the industry. Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar is one of the pioneers of web development in Argentina and Latin America since 1995 and has played a leading role in the promotion of Bitcoin technology in Latin America since 2012. The Crypto Summit 2023 Conference is a space for speeches and panels dedicated to the role of cryptocurrencies in our society, ending with an award ceremony for the most influential crypto leaders of 2022.

During the conference, Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar shared his predictions for the cryptocurrency industry in 2023 as part of a panel “Top 10 Digital Asset Industry Predictions for 2023” with Magnus Jones (EY Tax & Law), Oliver Feldmeier (SMART VALOR) and Joseph Birch (SMART VALOR) as moderator.

Diego also discussed “The Evolution of Layer 2 Solutions” together with Gurvinder Singh Ahluwalia (Digital Twin Labs), Konrad Urban (Peanut Protocol), Alexandre Kech (SIX Digital Exchange) and Ursula Volpe (Pink Fox Ventures) as moderator.

RootstockLabs is best known for creating the Rootstock (RSK) blockchain building on Bitcoin’s unparalleled hashing power, security and decentralization by adding smart contract capabilities, nearly instant payments and higher scalability. The company also leads the development of RIF, a set of open source building blocks for web3 that allows financial services companies to quickly and easily create decentralized finance products.

About RootstockLabs

RootstockLabs is a key contributor to Rootstock, the first, biggest, and longest-lasting Bitcoin layer 2. 

RootstockLabs specializes in pioneering innovative solutions within the blockchain space, empowering developers with funding, technology, and marketing support to expand the frontiers of decentralized technology and make Bitcoin work for everyone. 

Rootstock is the first, biggest, and longest-lasting Bitcoin sidechain. It is the only Bitcoin layer 2 that combines the security of Bitcoin’s proof-of-work, with Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities.

Rootstock is open-source, EVM-compatible, and secured by over 60% of Bitcoin’s hashing power, which makes it a gateway to a vibrant ecosystem of dApps that continues to evolve to become fully trustless. 

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