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Hello (again) World! We are RootstockLabs.

By Daniel Fogg, CEO of RootstockLabs

Hello (again) World! We are RootstockLabs.

From today, IOVLabs is now RootstockLabs.

RootstockLabs exists to make Bitcoin work for everyone. Our belief is that Rootstock is one of the primary ways that the Bitcoin blockchain reaches civilization scale. Our change in name reflects our belief. 

We are also reaffirming our mission. To support the growth of the Rootstock ecosystem, to give developers the tools to build on Bitcoin, and to expand the frontiers of decentralized technology. 

Our team has been building on Bitcoin since the early days of the Bitcoin network. This began with our contributions to Rootstock, the first Bitcoin sidechain. This was followed by launching RIF – the Rootstock Infrastructure Framework – a suite of tools and technology that make it easier, faster, and more rewarding to build on Rootstock. 

So what does RootstockLabs do today?

RootstockLabs works with 145 people around the world. Our shared purpose is to make Bitcoin work for everyone. We strongly believe Bitcoin will underpin humanity’s economic future but, for this to happen, Bitcoin will require additional infrastructure built on top of it. 

This is where Rootstock comes in. The first Bitcoin sidechain, and now considered a leading Bitcoin layer-2, Rootstock brings the programmability of Ethereum to Bitcoin while enabling cheaper, faster and more scalable transactions.  

Our global team of contributors is laser-focused on:

  • Giving developers the tools to build on Bitcoin: We’re making the process of building on Rootstock faster, easier, and more rewarding. Through continued contributions to Rootstock, ongoing developer education, and by building new tools and technologies powered by RIF
  • Supporting the growth of the Rootstock ecosystem: We fund aspiring entrepreneurs and developers with our grants program. We support integrations that bridge the gap between Rootstock and the wider crypto economy. We champion the incredible community of builders launching groundbreaking products and services on Rootstock. And anything else to help Rootstock grow.
  • Expanding the frontiers of decentralized technology: New use cases, new markets, new technology innovations. We continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible on Bitcoin. From developing breakthrough technologies that expand the reach, impact, and scale of the Bitcoin blockchain, to supporting the builders launching revolutionary services on Rootstock. Our work never stops.

So IOVLabs is now RootstockLabs. The organization’s name has changed but our commitment to building on Bitcoin has not. We are here to serve Rootstock and the amazing Rootstock community. 

It has been 15 years since the launch of the Bitcoin network, 9 years since the launch of Ethereum, and 6 years since the launch of Rootstock. It is still so early. And I am super excited about the impact that Rootstock, Bitcoin, and blockchain technology can have on our world in the years to come.


What does this name change mean for Rootstock?
Rootstock itself remains a decentralized blockchain cryptographically, economically, and philosophically connected to Bitcoin. It existed before RootstockLabs and will continue to exist independently of any organization or person.

The Rootstock consensus code cannot be changed without the assent of the Bitcoin miners that merge mine Rootstock, the economic actors running fully-validating nodes, and the community participating in the RSKIP decision process. Anyone can participate in the development of the Rootstock protocol, launch a dApp on the network, or run a full node. 

And that’s where RootstockLabs comes in – to support the growth of the Rootstock ecosystem and to help the wider Rootstock community flourish.