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LI.FI and Jumper integrate Rootstock, Bringing A New Avenue for Trade to Users

LI.FI and Jumper integrate Rootstock, Bringing A New Avenue for Trade to Users

Rootstock Continues its Expansion into the DeFi Sector with the new DEX Integration

Jumper exchange, a multi-chain liquidity aggregator and one of the top cross-chain DEXs built on LI.FI, is excited to announce that it is now live on Rootstock, the Bitcoin sidechain secured by over 60% of the total hashing power of the Bitcoin mainchain. 

This strategic integration will provide the Rootstock community with a new way to bridge and swap to the blockchain. By utilizing its several existing integrations with aggregators, Jumper can create additional routes for trading, helping its users find the best rates for crypto.

Jumper’s integration into Rootstock is a sign of the continued expansion of the DeFi sector into the Bitcoin ecosystem, enhancing it with LI.FI’s advanced API and Jumper’s various trading functionalities. It also strengthens Jumper’s multi-chain expansion by adding Rootstock to the network, offering users further options for including Bitcoin in DeFi.

This new integration signifies the expansion of LI.FI, allowing all B2B partners—including digital wallets, dApps, and protocols—to utilize LI.FI’s SDK for extending their reach into the DeFi Bitcoin ecosystem.

Learn how to bridge Rootstock with Jumper Exchange in this step-by-step guide.

“At Jumper, we’ve made it our goal to provide as many avenues for users to trade, bridge, and swap assets over the blockchain with ease, and this integration with Rootstock is a key part of that commitment. This integration will bring a great boon to Jumper’s users as it takes advantage of Rootstock’s security, backed by over 60% of Bitcoin’s hash power, to make exchanges of Bitcoin and Ethereum-dominant DeFi even safer than before.“

~ Marko Jurina – Head of

“At RootstockLabs, we’re thrilled to be working with LI.FI to support the launch of Jumper exchange on Rootstock. This integration eliminates the complexities of cross-chain transactions, empowering users to navigate the DeFi landscape. LI.FI’s innovative routing technology ensures users get the best exchange rates, while Jumper provides an intuitive interface for all their swapping and bridging needs. This integration marks a significant step for the Bitcoin DeFi sector” 

~ Jonathan Bitton – Head of DeFi Partnerships

About Jumper

Jumper is Crypto’s Everything Exchange, enabling seamless swap and bridge transactions across 24 blockchains. By aggregating all of DeFi liquidity, Jumper ensures the best routes for any token transaction. With the Jumper Loyalty Pass, our most active group of users earn rewards and exclusive perks, creating the place to be for a community of the most successful Degens.

With over $5.5B in cumulative volume and $1B volume on a monthly basis, Jumper is a major bridge and swap solution in the DeFi ecosystem.

Make. The. Jump at Jumper.Exchange.

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About Rootstock

Rootstock is the world’s most secure smart contract platform that is cryptographically connected to the Bitcoin blockchain. Known as a Bitcoin sidechain, Rootstock uses a trustless and censorship-resistant two-way peg to allow users to send Bitcoin directly to the Rootstock chain which is then converted into smart Bitcoins (RBTC) on the Rootstock blockchain. These RBTC can be used to deploy or to interact with smart contracts and dApps on the Rootstock blockchain. BTC can be easily moved back to the Bitcoin mainchain at any point using the trustless bridge or through a variety of protocols such as Sovryn FastBTC.

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