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RootstockLabs Kickstarts a New Wave of the Grants Program

By Ongun Ozdemir, Venture Associate

RootstockLabs Kickstarts a New Wave of the Grants Program

RootstockLabs has two exciting announcements to make.

We’re proud to confirm that the fifth wave of the popular grants program commences on May 1 — giving even more talented web3 entrepreneurs an opportunity to build on Bitcoin.

But that’s not all. RootstockLabs is committing an additional $3M to support the growth of the Rootstock ecosystem. This funding pool will be supporting the Grants Program and different strategic integrations to bring leading protocols, exchanges, and developer tools to Rootstock.

Last year, $2.5 million was devoted to encouraging new and established crypto projects to join Rootstock and help this vibrant ecosystem become the home of DeFi on Bitcoin.

Funding was distributed to successful applicants across four waves — one per quarter — and more than 40 cutting-edge dApps have launched on the Rootstock blockchain so far.

RootstockLabs’s hands-on approach means it isn’t just cash on the table. Entrepreneurs can also access mentorship and marketing support to ensure their project gets the attention it deserves.

Start your application before May 31st.

Who can apply?

Whereas other funding initiatives in the crypto space have strict eligibility criteria, which can sometimes deter gifted coders from throwing their hat into the ring, RootstockLabs prides itself on welcoming anyone with a novel idea to apply.

The Rootstock Grants program has been supporting a plethora of projects including NFTs and Ordinals projects, and event content creation and monetization ideas. 

Here are some ideas that can spark inspiration for applicants:

  • Developing user-centric dApps to drive Rootstock adoption through everyday utility.
  • Leveraging RBTC as a 1:1 BTC-pegged currency for network transactions, enabling various functionalities.
  • Addressing blockchain fragmentation by fostering interoperability between Rootstock and other Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains, thereby expanding the reach of Rootstock dApps.

Technical prerequisites 

A common question we get is this: do you need an in-depth knowledge of Rootstock, or a niche programming language, to open the door to a grant? 

The answer is no. Rootstock is natively compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine — and that means developers can rely on their existing knowledge of Solidity tools and libraries like Hardhat, Truffle, web3.js, and ethers.js. No prior experience is necessary, and the Grants Program team will be there to give you technical guidance whenever you need it — every step of the way.

How long is Wave V open? 

If you’re tempted by the prospect of receiving funding for your bright idea, world-class mentorship for your startup, and the chance to join Bitcoin’s oldest and biggest sidechain, here are some dates for your diary.

The deadline for early submissions is May 31 — and the final date for all applications is June 9. Between June 10 and 22, pitch days will take place where you can discuss your proposal further.

Advancing to the next stage means due diligence and KYC checks will be performed, with a formal grant agreement drawn up. Funding will be released in pre-agreed chunks as key milestones in your project’s development are met.

Rootstock allows BTC to achieve things it could never do before, but that’s not the only reason Rootstock is special. Rootstock also offer cheaper and faster transactions than both Bitcoin and Ethereum, while benefiting from the security Proof-of-Work provides through merged mining.

As the old saying goes, a chef is only as good as their ingredients — and thanks to a slew of powerful features, Rootstock offers a recipe for success if you’re a developer looking to make an impact in crypto.

Start your application here.

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