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Settle Network integrates RIF Token in Latamex

Settle Network integrates RIF Token in Latamex

Settle announced RIF’s integration with Latamex, the incoming and outgoing fiat-to-crypto payment platform Thanks to this remarkable partnership, RIF Token will be available to all users in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico through Latamex.

RIF (Rootstock Infrastructure Framework) integrates with Latamex displaying a simple and customizable user interface to guide the user through the KYC and payment steps. After the user completes the payment flow and the payment clears, digital assets are sent to the user’s wallet, or fiat funds are sent to the user’s bank account. This process is quick and easy for users, as no further processing is required.

“The integration with Latamex from Settle Network is a key milestone in providing alternative and more efficient financial solutions”, stated Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, Rootstock co-founder. “By enabling compliant interoperability between local currencies and digital assets and providing the technology, infrastructure, and user-friendly experience Settle is setting up the basis in which crypto finance solutions could flourish”.

“We provide the financial infrastructure in a reliable, efficient, and frictionless way to trade digital assets with domestic fiat money. This will provide users with easy access to the RIF Token through our Latamex product,” added Jack SaraccoHead of Partnerships and Business Development of Settle Network. “We are very pleased about this integration in Rootstock and we are looking forward to great potential as a result.”

Latamex provides local regulatory compliance processes in all countries, adjusting the infrastructure to be able to work within the framework of domestic laws and regulations, providing an efficient user experience. It offers customer identification processes, transaction monitoring, and the necessary capabilities for fiat-to-crypto operations.

About Rootstock

Rootstock is the first, biggest, and longest-lasting Bitcoin sidechain. It is the only Bitcoin layer 2 that combines the security of Bitcoin’s proof-of-work, with Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities.

Rootstock is open-source, EVM-compatible, and secured by over 60% of Bitcoin’s hashing power, which makes it a gateway to a vibrant ecosystem of dApps that continues to evolve to become fully trustless. 

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Rootstock Infrastructure Framework (RIF) is a suite of open and decentralized infrastructure protocols that enable faster, easier, and scalable development of distributed applications (dApps) within a unified environment to enable mass adoption of Bitcoin and Rootstock. For more information visit

About Settle Network

Settle Network is the largest digital assets settlement network across LATAM for exchange and cross-border payments. Settle Network provides programmatic interoperability between traditional and digital assets, by leveraging financial infrastructure in every country they operate. Covering the most relevant markets, including the largest banks and thousands of retail locations. This enables unlimited and compliant interoperability between digital assets and the most important local currencies. For more information, visit: